Short Story

The Dark Room

I spoke to evil with immense grief,
Allowing it to stay in a dark room,

We were staring eachother from a distance,
Both thinking what if we could touch eachother,

Studying one another while maintaining the distance,
My eyes travelled through its body, suddenly it shapeshifted itself to a lady,

Her body was still as dark as space,
& her eyes were as shiny as a star,

Standing next to the window,
She watched me staring at her,

I didn’t stop looking, knowing that she knew,
Room was still dark excluding the moon light entering from the window where she stood,

Room was so silent we could hear eachother breathe,
I felt her predator instincts were turned on,

She skipped steps without walking and reached for me,
All I could do was just wait and stare,

I felt the touch of nothingness,
As she already held my soul captive,

The fact that I wasn’t struggling, caught her mind,
The evil wanted to feed on my pain,

My struggle would give her ride of joy,
But my expression were null and void,

The lady started loosing her grip,
Allowing me a chance to free myself,

I had already given up on everything,
Since I saw her for the first time,

The evil was having no fun with me,
It returned to its own form,

Leaving me alone in the same place,
The evil was gone…

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Hitesh Dubey

Hitesh Dubey also known as Vairagyi writes short stories in poetic form. This poetry is a short horror poetic story which metaphorically describes about a toxic relationship with an evil entity.

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